Innovative ticket system

Do you need reliable customer support software?

Freshdesk is the cloud-based help desk solution for greater productivity!

you are using the best helpdesk tool...

...your customers stay loyal to you,
because their problems are solved on their preferred channel.

...your employees work more proactively,
because they understand needs better through context and automation.

...your service velocity picks up speed,
because you reach your productivity goals within three months with Freshdesk.

A Reliable ticket system
for more customer satisfaction

Did you know that customer service experiences like to spread by word of mouth? 

70% of customers who have been in contact with the helpdesk tell their friends and families about it. Only if the impression is positive does it become a personal recommendation for the company. Unfortunately, we Germans are good at remembering negative experiences with customer support. 

If you’ve been dumped in an unfriendly manner, you’ll never come back. And scare off potential new customers. That’s why Freshworks has developed a support software that provides agents with the best possible support. With the Freshdesk ticket system, you empower your agents to master complex customer communication. 

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Your benefits with Freshdesk
for the best possible customer service

Freshdesk Overview
Freshdesk Overview

Keep the overview

Emails, phone calls, live chat, website inquiries, social media: Freshdesk brings order to the complexity of your communication channels. This way, all customer inquiries can be handled collectively in one place with the omnichannel suite.

Freshdesk Tickets

Save time

Waiting loops and redirects are a strain on customers' patience. Thanks to Freshdesk, this is a thing of the past: automated ticket distribution assigns customers to the expertise or availability of agents. Problems can thus be solved faster and more efficiently.

Freshdesk Inbox

Increase productivity

Do you already have self-service offerings? The majority of customers would rather get help to help themselves instead of contacting customer service. Create a forum with Freshdesk where customers and employees can exchange ideas. This way, you'll gradually build a database for the help section of your site.

Freshdesk Dashboard

Control quality

Whether it's customer satisfaction or employee performance, do you have room for improvement? With Freshdesk you create individual KPIs as a basis for automatic reports. The results provide a sound basis for quality improvement measures.

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Freshdesk Apps

All Freshdesk products
at a glance

Contact Center

  • No missed calls
  • Shorter wait times
  • Available support
  • Voice AI capabilities
  • Enable remote support and sales teams


  • E-Mails
  • Phone calls
  • Live chat
  • Website inquiries
  • Social Media Management

Support Desk

  • Automated ticket distribution
  • Bots and AI for routine queries
  • Connecting agents with each other


  • Chatbots for all messaging apps
  • Cost-effective and modern messaging
  • Proactive customer communication

Customer Success

  • Set individual KPIs
  • Automated reporting
  • Early de-escalations

Do you need a reliable customer support software? Freshdesk is the cloud-based helpdesk solution for more productivity!

Freshdesk for your company
2DC as Preferred Reseller Partner

For a successful implementation of the support software the digital business consulting company 2DC will support you with words and deeds.
There is no general answer to this question. You should rather ask yourself: How can Freshdesk work individually for your company? We are convinced that the tool must adapt to your circumstances. For this reason, we work together to develop a strategy for how Freshdesk can be successfully implemented for your helpdesk as well.
Here, not only the technical, but also the personnel and structural level plays an important role. As a Preferred Reseller Partner, we know the typical stumbling blocks that companies encounter when implementing a new tick system. With our help, you start from pole position: from our experience, customers need no more than three months to achieve their productivity goals.
The first 21 days are free. After that, you can choose between different subscriptions (starting from 15€ per agent per month). You have nothing to lose: With the trial access, you can take your time to look around and get to know the tool. If you decide to switch, we will be happy to advise you on when the investment will pay off for you.

Do you have questions about the Freshdesk ticket system?
We will help you.

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