Powerful CRM system

Take your sales team to a new level.

Freshsales is the feature-rich CRM solution for more productivity!

you are working with the best CRM system...

...your employees manage the sales process effortlessly,
because Freshsales relieves them of many work steps.

...your customers are bound to your company for a long time,
because they feel professionally looked after.

...your sales figures increase,
because the team finally works together effectively.

Innovative CRM system
for exploding key figures

Did you know that an outdated CRM tool slows down the closing of deals? 

The more time and nerves it takes sales reps to work with complicated software, the fewer sales they close: Records aren’t kept up-to-date, stagnant deals aren’t identified, and the team can’t network productively. And sustainable customer retention is even more impossible. 

That’s why Freshworks has developed CRM software that supports agents in the best possible way. Simply adapt Freshsales to your business process. With the help of automations and artificial intelligence, you empower your agents to master productive sales processes. 

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Your benefits with Freshsales
Powerful solutions for a successful sales team

Freshsales Overview
Freshsales Overview

Win customer contacts

The days when salespeople went door-to-door are over. Today, a large part of new customer acquisition runs digitally: website, e-mail, chat or phone calls. Freshsales' CRM tool collects every lead generation under one roof, creating the optimal conditions for turning leads into deals.

Freshsales Overview

Personalize customer communications

Behind every lead is a potential customer - who, thanks to Freshsales, you can learn a lot about before you even make contact. The CRM system automatically creates customer files that collect info about the person: for example, through the results of website tracking. Which pages did the person look at? Which links did they click? This is useful information that the sales employee can use for a successful sales pitch.

Freshsales Mails

Close deals faster

With Freshsales' CRM system, your employees have an overview of the different deal phases: The workflow can be adapted to your company's circumstances from initial contact to closing. This way, no deal gets stuck in the pipeline anymore. The team also has the option of consulting and helping each other out via an internal chat. Particularly practical for field sales: The sales software is cloud-based and can therefore be used regardless of location or device.

Freshsales Mails

Increase customer loyalty

After the sale is before the sale: stay in touch with your customers even after a successful deal. Thanks to Freshsales, this is very easy: With support tickets that you manage directly in the CRM system, you bind your clientele to your company.

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Freshsales Overview

All Freshsales features
at a glance


  • Lifecycle stages of customer contacts
  • Custom fields for checklists, etc.
  • Track sales activities
  • Multiple currencies and languages
  • Personalized business process modules


  • Task management
  • Automatic assignments
  • Sales offensives
  • Workflows
  • Internal notifications
  • Deal-related discussions on Slack

Multi-channel communications

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Apple Business Chats
  • SMS integration
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Phone

Marketing links

  • Optimize conversion rate
  • Create and track web forms
  • Manage marketing lists
  • Segment contacts by criteria
  • Email builder
  • Plan customer journey
  • Landing page builder

Artificial Intelligence

  • Bots for lead generation
  • Automatic profile enrichment
  • Predictive contact scoring
  • Deduplication of duplicate leads
  • Inbound email analysis
  • Deal insights

Sales processes

  • Manage multiple teams
  • Create product and service catalog
  • Track sales targets
  • Make sales forecasts
  • Reminders for stagnant deals


  • Standard reports
  • Conversion reports
  • Allocation reports
  • Profit-loss analysis
  • User-defined reports


  • Audit logs
  • Field permissions
  • User-defined roles

Integration of additional applications

  • API access
  • Freshdesk
  • Marketplace
  • Freshsucces
  • Webhooks

Take your sales team to a new level.
Freshsales is the feature-rich CRM solution for more productivity!

CRM consulting for your company
2DC as Preferred Reseller Partner

For a successful realization and implementation of the CRM program of Freshsales, the digital management consultancy 2DC will support you with words and deeds.
There is no blanket answer to this question. You should rather ask yourself: How can Freshsales work individually in your company? We are convinced that the program must adapt to your circumstances. For this reason, we work together to develop a strategy for how Freshsales can be successfully implemented in your sales organization.
Here, not only the technical, but also the personnel and structural level plays an important role. As a Preferred Reseller Partner, we know the typical stumbling blocks that companies encounter when implementing a new CRM system. With our help, you start from pole position: From our experience, customers need a maximum of three months to achieve their productivity goals.
The first 21 days are free. After that, you can choose between different subscriptions (starting from 15€ per employee per month). They have nothing to lose: With the trial access, you can look around at your leisure and get to know the tool. If you decide to switch, we will be happy to advise you on when the investment will pay off for you.

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Freshsales sales software?
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