project handbook agile
An agile tool for your agile projects

Agile working made easy!

project handbook agile enables you to manage your agile projects without much effort.

Imagine you are working
with the best SCRUM tool... adapt your software
to your individual way of working and flexibility of your company - not the other way around! have access to all SCRUM methods
you need for successful project-based agile working.

...your operational management effort is significantly reduced
because project information is integrated, project management plans are automatically generated, and data is visually presented.

project handbook agile
as a basis for successful SCRUM

Again and again we meet companies that already work agile, but whose IT landscape cannot keep up with the flexibility of their way of working. project handbook agile catches up with this backlog and gives you the flexibility you need to manage your SCRUM projects. Our agile tool contains all SCRUM methods and additionally inspires you with an intelligent meeting management. As a SCRUM master, you thus only need one tool and at the same time ensure consistent planning and documentation of your agile projects.

project handbook agile guides you step by step through the SCRUM process. It accompanies you from product vision, release planning including graphical timeline, backlog planning and refinement to sprint planning and implementation. With the help of a flexible method list, project handbook agile can be easily adapted to your projects. Numerous features, in particular the direct editability of the sprint board, enable you to control your project pragmatically and efficiently. At the push of a button, the tool provides you with a meaningful dashboard with valuable KPIs as a basis for decision-making.

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Your advantages with project handbook agile
Industry-independent use for an agile way of working

A software that adapts to your needs:
With project handbook agile, you adapt your software to the flexibility of your organization.

Agile working made easy:
With project handbook agile you have all the SCRUM methods you need for your agile project management. With it, you can work agile professionally and contribute to agile ways of working being practiced in your organization. 

Reduced operational management effort:
As a SCRUM master, you will be supported in a process-oriented manner – simply and intuitively. The extensive integration of all project information, the automatic generation of project management plans and clear visualization options significantly reduce your operational management effort.

Intuitive usability:

The familiar environment and simple menu navigation enable your SCRUM masters to use project handbook agile to create comprehensive project management documentation without much effort.

No installation effort:
You can get started immediately with project handbook agile. The tool is based on MS Excel and has no additional installation effort. It is immediately ready for use and can be learned in a very short time.

Easy customizing:
The standard interfaces to MS Project and project portfolio allow you to integrate information easily. The XML import and export function enables additional interfaces (e.g. ERP systems, …), which can be easily implemented in the course of customizing if required.

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at a glance

project handbook agile provides you with transparency and an important basis for decision-making, which will help you to manage your SCRUM projects…

Product Vision

Release Plan

Product Backlog

Sprint Backlog

Sprint Board

Sprint Burndown und Project Cockpit

Status Report


project handbook agile enables you to concentrate on your core tasks despite agile project organization.

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