project handbook k.i.s.s.
Keep your project management "short & simple"

Manage your projects "short and simple" in the future!

project handbook k.i.s.s. is a slimmed down version of the classic project handbook. With k.i.s.s. you get a project planning tool, with which you can easily coordinate small projects and bring more clarity into your project controlling.

Imagine, working with
the project handbook k.i.s.s. ...

... you thereby ensuree
uniform planning and documentation for your small projects and thus provide a basic project management standard in your company.

... you process, control and visualize
all incoming project information simply and clearly.

... you significantly reduce your effort for project coordination,
because a variety of practical features as well as an automatic logging of meetings relieve you.

project handbook
as a guarantee for success for your project management

Many project planning tools are usually too extensive for the management of small and medium-sized projects. project handbook k.i.s.s. offers you an intuitive tool with a reduced approach for projects of this complexity. The tool based on the KISS approach supports you in managing your projects successfully, in a resource-saving manner and on schedule – and all this with a manageable effort. project handbook k.i.s.s. is characterized by a smart technical concept that enables immediate use and thus rapid added value, thus ensuring a high level of user acceptance.

All project management methods according to the keep-it-short-and-simple approach are supported by the tool. The central planning sheet enables intuitive data entry and automatic generation of project management plans. Furthermore, the tool accompanies you in your KISS processes with standardized forms for project order, project status report and project completion report and offers you the possibility to manage your project management meetings directly.

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Your advantages with project handbook k.i.s.s.
for project planning with manageable effort

Create a standard for your project management:
With project handbook k.i.s.s. you ensure uniform project planning and documentation for your small projects. You thus ensure a project management standard in your organization.

Visualize information:
With project handbook k.i.s.s. are able to visualize your project information easily and clearly.

Save valuable time:
A variety of features and automatic logging of meetings relieve you of the burden of project coordination. This saves you valuable time for the processing of your work packages.

Benefit from intuitive usability:
You profit from the high user acceptance of our KISS tool: The comprehensible structure, the intuitive usability, the clear presentation and the user guide guarantee a high user acceptance and a minimal training requirement.

Do away with installation efforts:
With the project handbook k.i.s.s. you can get started immediately. The tool is based on Microsoft Excel and has no additional installation effort. It is directly ready for your use!

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All project handbook k.i.s.s
functions at a glance

Standardized templates, structured plans and a better overview for the project management of your small projects, thanks to…

Project order

Work breakdown structure

Gantt chart

KontextanalyseContext analysis

Resources and costs

Risk analysis

Stakeholder analysis

Meeting Management

Status Report

Final Report

Your best companion for project planning of your small projects! project handbook k.i.s.s. is an intuitive and clear project planning tool for controlling and planning small and medium-sized projects

Further additional modules
for project handbook

You can extend the basic version of our project planning tool according to the KISS approach with the following additional modules in a modular system:

Extension project portfolio k.i.s.s.

For the management of your project portfolio, we offer an efficient k.i.s.s. variant. project portfolio k.i.s.s. provides a summary of all important project information and gives you a comprehensive view of your entire project landscape. Easy-to-read views, meaningful evaluations and important key figures provide you with a sound basis for decision-making and thus support you in the strategic management of your company. In addition, numerous integrated features relieve you of administrative tasks. This allows you to concentrate fully on the management of your portfolio.

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k.i.s.s. coaching and training

In addition to project handbook k.i.s.s. and project portfolio k.i.s.s., we offer a further range of training courses and coaching sessions to deepen your knowledge of the k.i.s.s. approach and enable guided implementation in your company. Our trained k.i.s.s. coaches accompany you in your daily work and support you with their expert knowledge and many years of practical experience.

Through the training courses, we teach you in just three days how to adapt and optimize your process management and/or project management according to the k.i.s.s. approach.

Training content for project management k.i.s.s.:

  • Project management methods
    • Project order, project organization
    • Work breakdown structure incl. responsibilities
    • Scheduling
    • Cost and resource planning
    • Context and risk analysis
  • Project management processes
    • Project assignment
    • Project planning
    • Project controlling
    • Project completion
  • Project management tool
    • Project planning and documentation
    • Project controlling
    • Logging and project coordination
    • Tips and tricks for use

For whom is the project management k.i.s.s. training suitable?

(Future) project managers and project team members as well as executives who mainly run small and medium-sized projects

Training content for process management k.i.s.s

  • Process Management Methods
    • Process overview
    • Picture card method
    • Forms of presentation
    • Key figures
    • Cost and resource planning
  • Process Management Processes
    • Process survey
    • Process optimization
    • Process Implementation
    • Process controlling
  • Process Management Toolbox
    • Method training using the toolbox aids
    • Tips and tricks for use

For whom is the k.i.s.s. process management training suitable?

(Future) process managers, process owners


We are convinced: The mix of theory and tips on practical tools makes the book on the k.i.s.s. approach an ideal reference work for your small and medium-sized projects. The k.i.s.s. book describes the keep-it-short-and-simple methodology in an understandable way, explains the k.i.s.s. processes to you and offers you a guide to the tool including proven checklists, templates and templates for practical use.

k.i.s.s. Buch

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in training, coaching or the book on the around the keep-it-short-and-simple approach?

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