resource manager
planning resources with foresight and controlling them efficiently

Take your resource planning one step further!

resource manager enables you to plan your valuable resources sustainably.

Imagine working
with the best resource planning...

…you get an overview of the capacity,
utilization and availability of your employees.

…you will benefit from a clear structure,
intuitive usability and will thus be able to operate the tool proficiently after just one day.

…you get a feature-rich solution
that requires no installation and is thus ready to use in a short time.

resource manager
the smart way for your project-related resource planning

You can only manage your project portfolio optimally if you also have an overview of your resources. Far too often, capacity planning is only carried out once a year and then disappears in a drawer. resource manager gives you a complete overview of the utilization and capacities of your employees in their line activities as well as the planned resources for your projects. You can thus identify capacity bottlenecks at an early stage and calculate them with foresight. Simple simulation options and graphical evaluations support you in your decision-making.

With resource manager you get a professional yet simple solution to reduce complexity in resource planning. Hereby you can see per employee, team, department or division how the current workload is, who and when still has free capacities. Vacations and overtime can of course be taken into account. Thus, you will be able to identify bottlenecks at an early stage and have a solid basis for decision-making based on current data.

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Your advantages with resource manager
for more transparency and better planning

More overview:

Thanks to resource manager, you get an overview of the capacity, utilization and availability of your employees.

Intuitive usability:

resource manager is characterized by a comprehensible structure, intuitive usability and a simple user guide. You will be able to operate it after just one day.

No installation effort:

With resource manager you get a tool that requires no installation and is thus ready for use in a short time.

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All resource manager functions
at a glance

resource manager provides you with the information you need to make important decisions and moves you forward in your planning, thanks to…

People Overview

Project list

Team plan

Resource evaluation

Status Report


Resource planning made easy!
resource manager is an intuitive and efficient tool, which will make your resource management easier in the future.

New Features in Version 5.0

resource manager
  • Improved performance during project imports ensures an even more seamless transfer.
  • In Version 5.0, it is also possible to import work packages and resource data from project handbooks.
  • Keeping an eye on the big picture: Departments and projects can be consolidated into one single overall resource manager.

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