Project Planning Excel: efficiency and success with 2DC

Successful project planning with Project Planning Excel: Discover 2DC's proven strategies and templates for efficient management and advance your business sustainably.

Excel Project Planning with the Project Handbook

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Project Overview Excel: Clarity in Every Stage of the Project

Efficient project planning

Optimize your processes with our Excel project plan templates and always maintain an overview. Our user-friendly tools help you save time and implement projects successfully.

Time-saving excel templates

Use our Excel schedule templates to plan your projects faster and more efficiently. Our tailored solutions allow you to manage resources more effectively and achieve project goals effortlessly.

Structured project management

With our Excel project management tools and structural plan templates, you achieve clear project goals. Our proven methods promote structured collaboration and ensure the success of your projects.

The ideal project overview

Always keep track of your project progress with our Excel solutions. Our user-friendly dashboards provide a clear project overview and support informed decision-making.

Effective team management

Increase your teams' performance with Excel project management and structured plans. Our solutions foster collaboration, enhance productivity, and strengthen your team for successful projects.

Digital transformation made easy

Rely on our proven methods for project management with Excel and experience the change. We support you on the path to digital transformation and enable sustainable growth.

Project Plan Excel: Screenshot

Optimize your projects: Project Plan Excel Templates

With 2DC's customized Project Plan Excel templates, elevate your project planning to a new level. Whether managing a single task or Multi Project Management, our Project Plan Excel templates offer the flexibility and structure you need. 

Based on Microsoft Excel, our templates require virtually no installation effort. Trust 2DC to optimize your project planning with our Project Plan Excel templates and make your projects more successful. 

Start today and experience the difference we can make in your project management processes – as simple as possible, yet as feature-rich as necessary.

Excel Project Planning with WBS Chart (Screenshot)

Boost your team's productivity with excel

Increase your teams' productivity with Excel-based project planning and efficient project management. At 2DC, we offer top-notch Project Planning Excel tools, project structure plan templates in Excel, and project overview Excel dashboards that significantly advance your teamwork. 

Our project structure plan in Excel significantly simplifies the planning, coordination, and monitoring of projects. Excel project management enables optimal resource allocation, clear task definition, and real-time progress tracking. 

Our project structure plan templates in Excel facilitate project organization and management, while our Excel project planning provides a comprehensive overview of project goals and milestones. Leverage the benefits of 2DC's Excel-based solutions to enhance your team's efficiency and smoothly execute projects.

Project Planning Excel with Gantt Chart (Screenshot)

Save time with 2DC's Excel Project Plan templates

Save valuable time and boost your efficiency with 2DC's Excel project plan templates. Our Excel schedule templates are specifically designed to simplify your project planning and management. 

With our Excel project plan template, you can quickly and effortlessly create and track projects. It provides a clear presentation of your tasks, deadlines, and milestones. Our project management Excel templates enable smooth coordination, resource planning, and progress monitoring. This gives you time for strategic decisions. 

Rely on 2DC to manage projects more effectively. Use our Excel project plan templates and start a more successful project planning today.

Project Management with Excel: Proven 2DC Strategies

Effective project management

Our proven 2DC strategies for project management with Excel enable effective planning, resource management, and success monitoring. Optimize your projects today!

Transparent project overview

With our Excel solutions, always maintain a clear overview of your project status. Manage success with 2DC expertise!

Agile project management

Discover our agile approaches to project management with Excel. Effortlessly handle changes and achieve your goals efficiently.

Person on laptop does Excel project planning

Tailored excel project planning for your success

"Our tailored Excel project planning with proven project management Excel templates is key to your success. Start today!"

2DC: Your Partner for Digitalization and Project Planning

Two people in the office discuss a project on a laptop

2DC is your reliable partner for digitalization and project planning. We understand the challenges companies face in today's digital world and offer customized solutions to overcome them. Our approach combines proven Excel project management tools with innovative strategies for a successful digital transformation

Our project structure plan templates in Excel are designed to facilitate project organization and management. With clear guidelines and milestones, you always keep track of progress. Our project structure plan templates in Excel help you systematically achieve your goals. But our offer goes beyond Excel.

We also provide Excel project management tools that enable efficient resource allocation and progress monitoring. Our Excel project management templates help you complete projects on time and within budget. 2DC's project overview Excel dashboards offer a clear and intuitive presentation of your projects, allowing you to track key metrics and developments in real-time. 

This enables you to make informed decisions and quickly respond to changes. Our goal is to support your company on the path to digitalization and project planning. We offer not just tools, but also the knowledge and expertise to achieve sustainable success. Trust 2DC to lead your digital projects to success.

Project planning with Raci Matrix (Screenshot)

Project structure plan excel: structured working made easy

The project structure plan Excel is an invaluable tool for enabling structured work in projects. At 2DC, we understand the importance of a clear project structure plan. Our project structure plan Excel templates are user-friendly and time-saving. 

They provide a clear division of your project into manageable sections and tasks. This enables easy assignment of responsibilities and clear communication within the team. Using project structure plan templates in Excel also minimizes the risk of errors and misunderstandings. 

With our customized Excel templates, structured working becomes an effortless task. Rely on 2DC to structure and efficiently manage your projects using the project structure plan in Excel.

Resource overview in Excel (Screenshot)

Sustainable changes: 2DC and excel project management

Sustainable changes in companies are crucial for long-term success. At 2DC, we use Excel project management as a powerful tool to foster this change. Our Project Planning Excel templates allow you to optimize processes and make your resource planning more efficient. 

Clear structure and transparency in project planning with Excel enable companies to better define and pursue their goals. Project Management Excel also offers the opportunity to utilize past experiences and establish best practices. 

2DC stands by your side as a partner for project planning with Project Planning Excel and Excel project management, securing your long-term success. We speak from experience: From practice for practice.

Excel Project Planning with status report (screenshot)

Excel Project Management: your key to efficiency boost

Excel project management is key to boosting efficiency in companies. Using Excel templates for project planning and project structure planning enables clear organization, resource planning, and precise tracking of projects. 

Our Excel template “project plan” facilitates structured planning and management of projects, while project structure plan templates in Excel improve task clarity and assignment. With these tools, you can save time, better utilize resources, and complete projects on schedule. 

2DC supports you in effectively implementing Excel project management in your company. We offer not just the tools, but also the knowledge and expertise to maximize efficiency gains.

Our Prices

Two people discuss Excel project planning on a laptop

Scalable growth: 2DC's path to digital transformation

2DC shapes your path to digital transformation for scalable growth. Learn how we can propel your company forward with our Project Planning Excel.

News Features in version 5.0

The latest version of our project management solution brings significant changes and cutting-edge optimizations that you shouldn’t miss. 

Cost overview with Project Handbook 5.0
  • Licensing has never been easier – you can now adjust licenses remotely in the new version. Additionally, a rental model is seamlessly possible.
  • Never misunderstand each other again: When switching the display language, admin fields are now fully translated in an instant. Even Mandarin is now available!
  • Project organization: With the new dynamic representation of the organizational chart, you can clearly depict an organization with over a hundred project participants.
  • In the Gantt chart, you’ll find the new “Show Details” feature, including the view of responsible parties and team members.
  • Costs and budgets can now be displayed monthly, quarterly, or annually, giving you a precise overview.
Risk analysis with Project Handbook 5.0
  • With the improved risk analysis, you now have the option to visualize risk developments in a chart and compare them with the latest status report.
  • The updated spell check now supports you from project names to final reports.
Kostenübersicht mit Project Handbook 5.0
  • With the enhanced MS Project add-on, you can now export from the project handbook to MS Project.
  • The new Work Package Weighting add-on allows for one-click calculation of weighting and provides an ideal starting point for adjustments.
  • With the Critical Path add-on, you won’t overlook problematic dependencies in your planning anymore, providing better security.

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