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Efficient Ticket Management with Freshdesk

Optimize your support process with freshdesk

Learn how you can elevate your customer support management to the next level with Freshdesk ticketing system and our proven approach.

The benefits of Freshdesk help desk

Discover the powerful features of Freshdesk Help Desk and how it boosts your support team's productivity.

Transparent Freshdesk pricing and costs

Learn how to effectively plan your budget with our detailed overview of Freshdesk pricing and costs.

Freshdesk GDPR compliance: secure your data

Find out how Freshdesk complies with GDPR and how you can securely and compliantly manage your customer and support data.

Boost customer engagement with Freshchat

Discover how Freshchat enhances communication with your customers and increases customer satisfaction.

Effective calls with Freshcaller

Learn how Freshcaller optimizes your call communication and brings your business closer to customers.

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Freshdesk Help Desk: redefining customer support

Freshdesk Help Desk revolutionizes customer support, and 2DC is your partner. As experts in digital transformation, we understand the importance of efficient customer support processes.

The Freshdesk ticketing system enables seamless management of inquiries, complaints, and issues. With its tools, you enhance your team's efficiency and customer satisfaction. Freshdesk Help Desk keeps you informed about the support history, allowing you to address inquiries promptly, thereby increasing customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

2DC supports you in maximizing Freshdesk's potential. We redefine customer support by leveraging digital transformation to optimize your processes and deliver top-notch service.

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2DC's consulting approach: Digital Transformation with experience

At 2DC, we go beyond traditional consulting, offering a unique approach to digital transformation. 

Our decades of experience in business consulting have shown that the key to successful transformation lies not only in modern tools like Freshdesk ticketing system, Freshchat, and Freshcaller but also in the expertise behind their implementation. 

With 2DC as your digital transformation partner, you can ensure that you not only utilize the best tools like Freshdesk but also have the expertise to make your digital journey successful. Contact us to take your business to a new level.

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Sustainable growth through Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is more than just a trend—it is the key to sustainable growth and long-term success. With tools like Freshdesk ticketing system, Freshchat, and Freshcaller, companies can not only increase their efficiency but also enhance their competitiveness. 

Implementing these tools not only reduces costs but also elevates customer service to new heights. This leads to happier customers, higher customer retention, and ultimately sustainable revenue growth. 

2DC not only assists you in selecting and implementing the best solutions like Freshdesk but also helps you adapt your corporate strategy to ensure long-term success.

Freshdesk GDPR: Compliance and Data Protection

Privacy policies

Learn how Freshdesk adheres to GDPR guidelines to protect your data. Our privacy policies are designed to maintain the highest standards for safeguarding your sensitive information.

Data protection measures

Discover the steps Freshdesk takes for data protection and security. We implement continuous data protection measures to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

GDPR Integration

Learn how Freshdesk can seamlessly integrate into your GDPR compliance strategy. Our solution offers smooth integration into your existing data protection processes.

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Freshdesk integrations: maximize functionality

Explore the variety of Freshdesk integrations and maximize the functionality of your support platform. Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction with 2DC.

Enhance Customer Communication with Freshchat

Support employee sits in front of the computer with a headset and uses Freshchat

In the era of digital transformation, effective customer communication is the key to sustainable growth. Freshchat, the powerful messaging tool from Freshworks, allows businesses to elevate customer communication to a new level, seamlessly integrating with the trusted Freshdesk ticketing system and Freshcaller. By implementing Freshchat, you can provide direct real-time customer support. Your customers appreciate the speed and convenience of chat communication, and you can handle inquiries more efficiently.

This leads to increased customer satisfaction and stronger customer retention. Freshchat is also an excellent complement to Freshdesk. Customer data and interaction history synchronize seamlessly, ensuring your support team has all relevant information. 

This enables personalized customer care and quick problem resolution. With Freshchat and its integrations, you can respond to customer queries faster, boost sales, and increase overall support team efficiency. This not only expands your customer base but also positions you more competitively.

2DC is your experienced partner to integrate Freshchat and its integrations into your corporate strategy. Let's optimize customer communication together and take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and tap into your growth potential in digital transformation.

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2DC's expertise: digitization and process optimization

At 2DC, our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating tools like Freshdesk ticketing system, Freshdesk Help Desk, and other innovative solutions to accelerate your company's digitization.

Our approach aims to increase operational efficiency while keeping an eye on costs and resource planning. With clear insights into Freshdesk pricing and costs, we help you make optimal use of your budget.

We also place a strong emphasis on data privacy and compliance, supporting you in implementing GDPR-compliant solutions with Freshdesk. This ensures that your digital processes meet legal requirements.

Your SPOC for digitization: 2DC

2DC is your Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC) for digitizing your company. Our unique approach offers unparalleled benefits. We effortlessly integrate innovative tools like Freshdesk, Freshcaller, and Freshchat to enable seamless digital transformation. 

With us as your SPOC, you'll experience efficiency gains and improved communication. Your employees can focus on their core tasks while we manage the complexity of digital tools. The result? 

Maximum productivity and optimized processes. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of digitization, and we develop customized solutions that meet your individual requirements. Trust 2DC as your reliable partner.

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Successfully implement transformative changes

2DC is your reliable partner for successfully implementing transformative changes. We understand the complexity of such processes and leverage innovative software solutions like Freshdesk, Freshcaller, and Freshchat to efficiently drive this transformation. 

Our expertise covers digital transformation strategies, process optimization, and change management. We help you set clear goals and prepare your teams for change. By integrating Freshdesk, Freshcaller, and Freshchat into your business processes, you improve communication and increase efficiency. 

We offer tailored solutions to support your transformative journey. Rely on 2DC to successfully implement transformative changes.

Freshdesk Costs: Transparent Solutions for Your Budget

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