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Discover the future of customer relations with Freshchat and the expertise of 2DC. Innovative solutions for your business communication.

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Freshchat - What is that? an innovative solution overview

Efficient customer communication

With Freshchat, optimize communication with your customers and increase the efficiency of your support. Reach your customers faster and more effectively than ever before.

Easy Freshchat login

The Freshchat login allows you easy access to manage your live chat and improves customer interaction. Start engaging with your customers right away.

Utilize the Freshchat widget

The Freshchat Widget enhances your website's user-friendliness and enables seamless communication with your visitors. Increase your website's interactivity.

Real-time customer engagement

Offer your customers the opportunity for immediate real-time interaction through live chat on your website with Freshchat. Effectively engage visitors with your brand.

24/7 AI chatbot support

Our Artificial Intelligence chatbot is available around the clock to quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries. Provide continuous support for your customers.

Personalized customer care

Freshchat uses artificial intelligence to create tailored customer experiences and strengthen customer loyalty. Sustainably improve customer satisfaction in your business.

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AI chatbot: examples of different chats and platforms

Freshchat – what exactly is it? Explaining the modern AI solution

Freshchat is an innovative AI-based communication solution that helps businesses optimize their customer contact and make it more efficient. With Freshchat, companies can effortlessly integrate a live chat on their website, enabling real-time interaction with customers.

Through the Freshchat login, businesses gain access to a powerful platform that not only enables live chats but also includes an AI chatbot. This chatbot can efficiently process customer inquiries around the clock, increasing customer satisfaction and improving customer service.

2DC is proud to offer Freshchat as part of its digital transformation suite. Our experts assist businesses in successfully integrating Freshchat into their business processes and fully exploiting the potential of digital transformation.

Freshchat widget using the example of a real website

Freshchat widget: your key to live chat on your website

The Freshchat Widget allows you to integrate live chat on your website, enabling your customers to communicate directly with you. This creates a seamless and convenient way for customers to ask questions, request support, or get information.

By integrating the Freshchat Widget on your website, you not only provide top-notch customer service but also increase your customers' satisfaction. Real-time communication helps you better understand their needs and offer immediate solutions.

2DC is proud to support businesses in implementing the Freshchat Widget.

Artificial intelligence: chatbot from Freshchat (screenshot)

Artificial intelligence in chatbot: effective customer interaction

The future of customer service lies in artificial intelligence (AI), and the AI chatbot is the tool driving this change. With Freshchat, a pioneer in AI-based customer interaction, businesses can now conduct effective and efficient conversations with their customers.

The Freshchat AI chatbot uses advanced algorithms to understand customer inquiries in real-time and deliver precise responses. This means your customers receive professional support around the clock – without delays or waiting times.

2DC is here to assist you in implementing and optimizing your AI chatbot. Discover the benefits of artificial intelligence in chatbots with Freshchat and 2DC.

AI chatbot: the benefits of customer service with artificial intelligence

Efficient Customer Interaction

Our AI chatbot, in conjunction with Freshchat, enables efficient and quick customer interaction. Customer inquiries are answered immediately, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

24/7 support

Our AI chatbot is available 24/7 to process customer inquiries. You can provide continuous support to your customers without human intervention.

Scalable customer service solution

The AI chatbot can be easily scaled to provide effective support even during high customer traffic. Flexibly adapt your customer service solution to your needs.

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Opportunities of artificial intelligence: chatbot in customer service

Explore the endless possibilities that Artificial Intelligence in the form of a chatbot offers for your customer service. Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in your business.

Agile transformation and efficiency enhancement with 2DC and Freshchat

Focused work in efficient customer support thanks to Freshchat

In today's business world, agility is key to success. Companies need to quickly adapt to changing market conditions while increasing their efficiency to remain competitive. This is where Freshchat and 2DC come in.

With its innovative Freshchat widget, businesses can communicate in real-time with their customers. This means customer inquiries are processed immediately, significantly reducing response time and increasing customer satisfaction. The Freshchat widget makes integrating live chat on your website effortless, offering your customers a seamless communication experience.

2DC, as an experienced consulting firm in digitalization, supports you in implementing Freshchat and harnesses the benefits of chatbot technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Our AI-powered chatbot significantly improves the efficiency of your customer service by handling repetitive tasks and providing quick responses to frequently asked questions.Leverage the opportunities of agile transformation and efficiency enhancement with 2DC and Freshchat to take your business to the next level.

This agile transformation, supported by 2DC and Freshchat, allows your company to respond faster to customer needs, optimize processes, and reduce costs. The combination of real-time communication and AI-based customer service creates an agile and efficient corporate culture that sets your company on the path to success.

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Revolutionize your customer support with Freshchat

Freshchat is more than just a customer support tool - it's a revolution in how you interact with your customers. With the Freshchat login, you have access to a powerful system that allows you to process customer inquiries in real-time.

The Freshchat widget, seamlessly integrated into your website, offers your customers the opportunity to contact you directly. You can answer questions, resolve issues, and provide information - all in real-time.

With our AI chatbot, utilizing artificial intelligence to deliver quick and accurate responses, you can further enhance your support efficiency. Revolutionize your customer support with Freshchat and offer your customers a first-class service experience.

Chat a customer with AI through the Freshchat widget

Why a Freshchat widget on your website is worthwhile

The Freshchat widget is a powerful tool that transforms your website into an interactive communication hub. In collaboration with 2DC, a leader in digitalization, you can fully harness the potential of Freshchat. Our experts assist you in seamlessly integrating the Freshchat widget into your website and optimizing your customer communication.

By integrating Freshchat and collaborating with 2DC, you can increase the conversion rate, process customer inquiries more efficiently, and transform your website into a customer service hub. Discover why a Freshchat widget on your website is beneficial and contact us today.

Customer communication on all channels in real time with Freshchat

Live Chat: optimize your website and build customer relationships

A live chat on your website is not just another feature, but a valuable tool for optimizing your online presence and building strong customer relationships. With Freshchat, we offer you the ability to communicate in real-time with your visitors, turning your website into a vibrant customer service channel.

The Freshchat live chat widget is easy to integrate and enables your customers to receive immediate answers to their questions and find support. You can process customer inquiries in real-time, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting conversions.

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Elevate your customer support to a new Level with freshchat

Elevate your customer support to a new Level with freshchat

Use Freshchat to revolutionize your customer support. Experience first-class customer communication and improved interactions with Freshchat and 2DC.