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With Freshservice and 2DC, you can efficiently transform your digital processes. We offer seamless integration and consultation to drive the digital transformation of your company forward. 

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Freshservice Ticket System for Seamless Support Processes

Ticketing made easy

The Freshservice Ticket System allows 2DC to process requests in an organized manner. Clear ticket management promotes responsiveness and enhances customer satisfaction.

Automated workflows

By automating tasks within the Freshservice Ticket System, you can optimize routine operations. 2DC supports you in creating efficient workflows and deploying resources effectively.

Analysis and Reporting

Utilize the Freshservice Ticket System for insightful analyses. With 2DC, you can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions regarding your IT processes.

Self-service portal

Offer your users a self-service portal with the Freshservice Ticket System. 2DC assists in setting up your Freshservice solution and encourages your teams' independence.

Integration possibilities

The Freshservice Ticket System offers various integration possibilities. Together with 2DC, you can connect your systems and benefit from a centralized hub.

Customer support optimization 

Enhance your support with the Freshservice Ticket System. With 2DC, you can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction through quick solutions.

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ITSM and ITIL standard: excellence with Freshservice

In the world of IT Service Management (ITSM), the ITIL standard and Freshservice set the benchmark. ITIL, the IT Infrastructure Library, provides a structured and effective approach to ITSM. 

With Freshservice, supported by the expertise of 2DC, you can seamlessly integrate these best practices into your organization. Applying the ITIL standard within Freshservice promotes efficiency, enhances service quality, and minimizes risks. 2DC assists you in implementing and customizing these processes to optimize IT service delivery. 

By using Freshservice in alignment with ITIL, you can not only improve your IT processes but also establish a consistent, repeatable approach to IT service management tailored to your company's individual needs.

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Transparent Freshservice pricing for every budget

Freshservice pricing offers a clear and transparent structure, allowing businesses to effectively plan the costs of their IT management solutions. With Freshservice's flexible pricing options, you can choose the exact features that align with your requirements.

2DC is happy to provide guidance on pricing options and assist you in maximizing the value of your investment in Freshservice. Together, we will devise a solution that optimizes your digital processes, empowers your teams, and supports a sustainable, scalable growth path for your company.

Our expertise in digitization and process optimization enables us to offer tailor-made solutions that make the most of Freshservice pricing.

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Freshservice MSP: your management service provider

The use of Freshservice MSP, short for Management Service Provider, allows 2DC to serve as your reliable Management Service Provider. With the powerful toolset of Freshservice MSP, we can optimize your digital technologies and processes to efficiently implement transformative changes in your company.

Through the comprehensive features of Freshservice MSP, we are able to promote agile processes and strike a balance between quantitative measurability and a value-driven corporate culture.

2DC assists you in implementing and customizing Freshservice MSP to create a scalable solution for your IT management. Together, we equip your company to tackle the challenges of digital transformation.

Freshservice Ticket System for Smooth Support Processes 

Centralized ticket management 

With the Freshservice Ticket System, you always have an overview of all support requests. It enables efficient assignment and processing, significantly reducing response times.

Automated support workflows

Automating support workflows through Freshservice saves time and resources. Defined processes can automate recurring tasks, greatly enhancing support efficiency.

Intuitive user interface 

Freshservice's intuitive user interface promotes quick onboarding and easy operation: a support process for your teams that is as straightforward and efficient as possible.

Employee in modern office uses the Freshservice ticket system

Efficient customer support with the Freshservice ticket system

Experience efficient customer support with the Freshservice Ticket System. Optimize workflows, increase satisfaction, and improve your support response times.

Gain a better overview with Freshservice Asset Management 

Laughing employee with headset and laptop uses Freshservice Asset Management

Freshservice Asset Management provides companies with a robust solution to efficiently manage and track all their assets. With the support of 2DC, you can fully leverage the benefits of Freshservice Asset Management to gain better visibility into your IT infrastructure.

One of the key advantages of Freshservice Asset Management is the centralization of all asset information. You can easily catalog and manage hardware, software, and other IT assets, making it easier to identify and resolve issues, leading to improved operational efficiency.

The integration of the Freshservice Ticket System enables seamless interaction between asset management and support processes. When issues arise, tickets can be automatically generated and assigned to the appropriate team, speeding up problem resolution and enhancing service quality.

With 2DC as your partner, you can maximize the use of Freshservice Asset Management. Our expertise ensures a smooth implementation and customization of the system's features to align with your company's needs.

The combination of Freshservice Asset Management and the Freshservice Ticket System provides a powerful platform for efficient IT management. You'll benefit from improved transparency, control, and automation of your IT processes. Together with 2DC, you can drive the digital transformation of your company and future-proof your IT infrastructure.

Screenshot from Freshservice Orchestration Center

Automate your IT individually with Freshservice orchestration  

Freshservice Orchestration provides a powerful platform to automate your IT processes and enhance efficiency. By collaborating with 2DC, you can fully leverage the capabilities of Freshservice Orchestration and simplify your IT operations.

Integrated automation workflows enable the automation of a variety of routine tasks, allowing your team more time for strategic initiatives. The Freshservice Ticket System is closely integrated with Freshservice Orchestration, enabling the automatic detection and handling of disruptions.

With 2DC as your partner for implementing and optimizing Freshservice Orchestration, you'll benefit from a tailored solution that future-proofs and streamlines your IT infrastructure.

Screenshot of the overview for the Freshservice API

Optimize your workflows with the powerful Freshservice API 

Revitalize your IT infrastructure with the robust Freshservice API. An API, short for Application Programming Interface, allows different software applications to communicate and exchange data.

The Freshservice API is the tool through which 2DC simplifies your workflows by seamlessly connecting your existing systems with Freshservice. By automating processes and integrating third-party tools, you can synchronize data in real-time and enhance efficiency.

2DC assists you in harnessing the Freshservice API to develop customized solutions tailored precisely to your company's needs. This enables you to respond faster to market changes and provide an improved service.

The intuitive Freshservice interface using the example of onboarding

Intuitive user interface for easy handling in Freshservice 

With the intuitive user interface of Freshservice, using the Freshservice ticket system becomes incredibly straightforward. 

2DC understands that a user-friendly interface is crucial for efficient work with a ticketing system. Freshservice provides such an environment, allowing your employees to manage tickets and monitor assets without extensive training. 

The Freshservice Asset Management seamlessly integrates into this interface, making resource planning within the company a breeze. 2DC supports you in unlocking the full potential of Freshservice to optimize customer service and maximize productivity.

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