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Freshsales: Your CRM Partner for Success. Manage leads, boost sales, and maintain control over your business operations. 2DC supports you in achieving this!

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The Benefits of Freshsales at a Glance

Efficient lead management

Freshsales enables you to effortlessly manage and nurture leads. Increase your conversion rate and maximize your potential.

Comprehensive sales analysis

With Freshsales, you gain detailed insights into your sales activities. Make informed decisions and enhance your sales efficiency.

Improve customer satisfaction 

Freshsales helps you improve customer service and foster customer loyalty. Meet your customers' needs and enhance your reputation.

Automated workflows 

Optimize your processes with Freshsales. Automate recurring tasks and save time for strategic activities.

Scalable solutions 

Freshsales grows with your business. Scale your CRM solution as your business expands without compromising performance.

Data-driven decisions 

Utilize the data in Freshsales to make smart decisions. Fine-tune your strategy and boost your business success.

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Successful customer relationship management with Freshsales 

Successful customer relationship management is the key to your company's growth, and Freshsales is the ideal platform to achieve that goal.

With Freshsales, you have all the tools you need to nurture customer relationships, convert leads, and achieve sales goals. The seamless integration of Freshsales with Freshmarketer allows you to optimize your marketing strategies and create personalized campaigns, increasing not only your sales effectiveness but also customer satisfaction.

With Freshsales, you have complete control over your customer relationship management. Reach your business goals effortlessly, together with 2DC.

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Discover how Freshsales CRM can improve your business 

At 2DC, we understand how crucial effective customer relationship management is for success. Freshsales CRM is our system of choice to achieve exactly that.

With Freshsales CRM, you not only optimize your sales processes but also gain valuable insights into your customer interactions. 2DC is proud to collaborate with Freshsales to provide our customers with tailored solutions.

Let us show you how Freshsales CRM can enhance your efficiency and drive your business development. Contact us today and discover how 2DC and Freshsales work together to achieve your business goals.

Screenshot of the Freshsales API for integrating other technologies

Seamlessly integrate with Freshsales API 

At 2DC, we understand how vital seamless technology integration is for your company's success. That's why we offer you the opportunity to seamlessly integrate the Freshsales API into your business processes.

With the Freshsales API, you can synchronize your CRM data in real-time, develop custom applications, and enhance the efficiency of your sales and marketing operations. At 2DC, we are experts in customizing the Freshsales API to meet your specific requirements.

Trust our experience and expertise to facilitate the integration of the Freshsales API into your company. Contact us today and unlock the full potential of Freshsales.

Three Reasons Why You Should Use Freshsales 

Efficient customer relationship management 

Freshsales CRM allows you to effortlessly maintain and strengthen customer relationships. Manage leads, contacts, and sales opportunities with ease.

Personalized marketing

With Freshmarketer, you can create personalized marketing campaigns and target your audience effectively. Increase conversion rates and the ROI of your marketing activities.

Growth-Driven Tech

Freshsales and Freshmarketer grow with your business. Scale your CRM and marketing solutions to adapt to growing demands and effectively scale your business.

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Get your free Freshsales trial account now

Now is the best time to try Freshsales. Get your free trial account and discover the benefits for your business.

Optimize Your Marketing with Freshmarketer

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In today's digital business world, effective marketing is crucial to your company's success. At 2DC, our goals are clear: we help businesses optimize their digital technologies and processes and efficiently implement transformative changes. Freshmarketer is a key tool that assists us in achieving these goals.

Freshmarketer offers a variety of tools to help you strategize your marketing efforts, from segmenting your target audience to creating personalized campaigns. But that's not all. Seamless integration of Freshmarketer with Freshsales CRM and the Freshsales API makes your marketing even more efficient.

You can easily synchronize and automate customer information and interactions to align your sales and marketing efforts optimally. With Freshmarketer, you have control over your marketing activities and can make data-driven decisions to reach your goals.

The platform allows you to maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts and propel your business forward. Streamline your process management faster and more efficiently with Freshmarketer. Trust 2DC to support your digital transformation and leverage Freshmarketer to take your marketing to the next level.

Screenshot of the Freshsales CRM: Workflow Templates Overview

Why Freshsales CRM is the right choice

Freshsales CRM is the ideal solution for businesses seeking efficient customer relationship management. With Freshsales CRM, you can effortlessly manage leads and contacts, optimize sales processes, and make data-driven decisions.

2DC is your partner for seamless integration of Freshsales CRM into your business processes. We support you in customization, training, and implementation to ensure you maximize the full potential of Freshsales.

With Freshsales CRM and 2DC's expertise, you'll reach your goals faster and more efficiently. Harness the benefits of a powerful CRM solution and an experienced consulting partnership to propel your business forward.

Screenshot Freshsales API: Integration of the Freshdesk tool for customer contact

Freshsales API: The keys to customizing your solution

The Freshsales API is the key to customizing your CRM solution. At 2DC, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating your CRM system into your existing processes. 

By integrating the Freshsales API, you can easily synchronize and customize data and workflows. 2DC is here to assist you in implementing the Freshsales API, ensuring that you fully leverage its benefits and optimize your business processes. 

Utilize the Freshsales API to effectively tailor your CRM system and enhance your efficiency. At 2DC, we are your partner for seamless integration and tailored software solutions.

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Which Freshsales package is right for you?

Choosing the right Freshsales package can have a significant impact on your business success.

The Growth package offers an excellent entry solution for smaller businesses looking to start with a solid CRM platform. With the Professional package, you gain advanced features and tools for growing your business. If you are a large enterprise or an organization with complex requirements, the Enterprise package is the optimal choice.

Our experts at 2DC will assist you in selecting the right Freshsales package for your needs. We will provide guidance on optimal configuration and integration to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

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Manage your customer relationships with Freshsales 

Manage your customer relationships with Freshsales. Optimize your CRM and boost success. Explore the possibilities for your business!