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Comprehensive project planning tool

Take your project management to a new level!

project handbook is an advanced and at the same time simple solution, thanks to which you will be able to focus on your core activities in the future.

Imagine working with
the best project planning tool... have all functions combined
in one tool and thus a central administration and documentation point. benefit from more time for your core tasks,
because project handbook supports you in a process-oriented way from project application to completion and significantly reduces your operational management effort. get a more transparent view of your project controlling,
because you receive timely prepared and well visualized overviews of every single phase of your project.

project handbook
as a basis for successful project management

Did you know that the project management maturity level of your organization depends on the standardization of your project management? project handbook starts exactly here! Developed with experienced project managers, it supports you in consistent project planning, end-to-end project controlling and efficient project documentation. Thus, your project managers need only one project planning tool that accompanies them from the project application to the project completion. Due to its flexibility and adaptability, project handbook can be used in any industry. We offer ready-to-use modules and extensions such as AGILE or project portfolio, from which you can compile your individual project handbook.

Our project planning tool supports you in every project phase: For your project planning, project handbook offers all established project plans, which can be selected depending on the complexity of your project. Numerous features, especially the direct editability of the work breakdown structure, the collection of actual data by means of work package imports or the creation of a one-page, informative project status report allow you a pragmatic and efficient project controlling. In addition, our project management tool supports your project coordination with the help of a logging function and a central to-do and decision list. Last but not least, the project handbook guarantees you sustainable project completion by providing a professional project completion report.

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Your advantages with project handbook
for successful project management

All in one:

With the project handbook you have the methods necessary for your projects combined in one central project management tool.

Flexible customization:

If you have customization requirements that are not covered by the standard version, you can expand your project handbook through additional modules without additional software.

Focus on your core tasks:

As a project manager, you are supported in a process-oriented manner – simply and intuitively. The integration of all project information, the automatic generation of project management plans and clear visualization options significantly reduce your operational management effort.

Simple and intuitive:

The familiar environment and simple menu navigation allow you to create comprehensive project management documentation using the project handbook without much effort or training time.

No implementation effort:

You can start using your project handbook immediately – without any major implementation effort. Our project planning tool is immediately ready for use and can be learned in a very short time.

Easy integration of information and interfaces:

The standard interfaces to Microsoft Project and project portfolio allow you to easily integrate information. The XML import and export function enables additional interfaces (e.g. ERP systems, …), which can be easily implemented in the course of customizing if required.

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All project handbook functions
at a glance

Standardized templates, structured plans and a better overview of the different phases of your projects, thanks to…

Project order

Project organization

Work breakdown structure

Work package specification


Gantt chart

Resources and costs

Risk analysis

Stakeholder analysis

Meeting Management

Status Report

Final Report

Rethink your project management!
project handbook is a smart and feature-rich project planning solution for more productivity

Additional modules for
the project handbook

You can extend the basic version of project handbook with the following additional modules in a modular system:

See at a glance how your project is developing in terms of deadlines – without any additional effort. The milestone trend analysis shows you how your milestones are developing and thus gives you the opportunity to quickly identify trends and initiate control measures.

This add-on module allows you to perform detailed progress controlling. Each work package is manually weighted in relation to the overall project and thus the progress of a phase is precisely displayed. If work packages take longer, the effect on progress can be increased and decreased by weighting them accordingly.

When particularly large, complex challenges can no longer be organized in a single project, several projects are required that need to be coordinated on a higher level. The program management module offers you the possibility to easily import your (partial) projects into the project handbook. This gives you an overview of the overall project, the performance and deadline status as well as information about the resource and cost situation at any time.

Projects do not always follow their predefined plans! In order to document deviations from the original planning in a traceable way, we offer a helpful extension with the change management module. A change request contains a qualitative and quantitative description of the change as well as its effects, which are systematically versioned. Decisions made, including the date of the decision, are displayed, as are a to-do list and a signature block. Each approved change is directly posted on the basis of each work package.

A powerful combination that allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds. Use the
advantages of both tools and import the Microsoft Project schedules into your project handbook. This gives you the advantage of efficient scheduling in Microsoft Project and complements it with all relevant project management methods.

With this module you can publish your project plans as PDF at the push of a button and make them available to your project team. This keeps the data in the hands of the project managers and yet all team members are fully informed.

Advanced resource and cost planning incl. SAP import

With this module you can plan and control both process- and work-oriented. A planning can be carried out on project, phase or work package level and managed afterwards. Use the resource and cost information of your ERP system to your advantage! In controlling, you import the values that are available from the ERP system as an Excel sheet and save yourself the manual entry of data. Thus, the detailed level of your planning can be completely individualized and the controlling can be accelerated and, above all, facilitated.

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