meeting manager
Focus on the important things!

Optimize your meeting management in just a few steps!

meeting manager allows you to save your valuable time for the important things.

working with the best meeting management...

…you can design
your meetings in a process-oriented way and improve them sustainably, because meeting manager reduces your operational preparation effort.

…you can use the tool directly in the meeting
and can immediately provide your participants with the documentation of the discussed tasks and decisions.

….you can find all your meetings
in a single Excel file, continue working there in a familiar environment, and have no installation hassle.

meeting manager
as an optimal supplement for your project handbook

We believe that meetings are still justified despite increasing digitalization. They serve to exchange information and know-how, to coordinate, or to enable team decisions. In order for these functions to take effect, efficiency in organization, coordination and documentation is required! We have developed a smart solution that increases the productivity of your meetings by reducing the effort for organizers. meeting manager is a simple tool that helps you prepare, conduct, consistently document and organize your meetings.

meeting manager helps you follow a structured process for preparing, conducting, and documenting meetings, resulting in more productive meetings. Sound preparation with the creation of an agenda with objectives and time planning, the definition of the distribution circle and an attendance list enable you to go live during the meeting. In this way, you already document to-dos, decisions and notes as well as the assignment of responsibilities and deadlines in the meeting. The follow-up of your meeting is done with one click – even while the participants are leaving the room, they will find the minutes in their inbox and can immediately continue working with them.

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Your benefits with meeting manager
More efficient meetings thanks to smart solutions

Optimize your meetings:

With the meeting manager you can design meetings in a process-oriented way and improve them sustainably.

Live use directly in the meeting:

You can use the tool directly in the meeting and thus have the advantage of being able to provide the documentation of all tasks and decisions to your participants immediately.

Intuitive usability:

The structure of meeting manager is self-explanatory and intuitive: you can find all your meetings in a single Excel file and continue working there in a familiar environment.

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All meeting manager functions
at a glance

meeting manager provides you with a considerable facilitation in documenting and controlling meetings.

Distribution list and contact list

Meeting invitation and agenda

Central to-do, decision and note lists

Protocol incl. to-dos and decisions

Make your meetings more efficient!
meeting manager is the smart way to better prepare, record and control your meetings.

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