Digital trans­formation
is all about people.

What else?

Digitization Consultants with vision and expertise

With 2DC
you can master the digitization of your business.

As digitization experts, we help companies to grow by improving the collaboration and communication of teams and empowering them to perform at their best. This is based on agile methods and strategies, digital culture and the latest technologies.

Our 2DC customers

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Change is unstoppable.
But it can be shaped.

The new world is here to stay. And it is changing more rapidly than ever before. New work, agility, employer branding – all this sounds promising, but it can also be overwhelming.

How do I keep my head above water amidst all the change?
What will move my company forward?
How will I know what makes sense for my business?

As consultants for digitization and change management, we set out together with you on the path to a sustainable company. Together with you, we look for levers that tap the potential of your employees. And we find concepts that strengthen the cooperation of your team and clear your head – so that you can concentrate on your core business again. Goals that drive us in the process:





We believe that digital transformation is an opportunity for you. And we believe that you can actively shape change.


Mastering complexity.
With the right toolset.

How will I find the right software solutions for my company?
How will my employees learn to deal with this?
How will I know if tools like Office 365, ClickUp or Freshdesk are making my business more efficient?

Your company is a complex entity. That’s why we look at the big picture before we start implementing changes. Digital architecture instead of patchwork: The tools must communicate with each other along the entire value chain, they must fit the way your teams work and unite the individual processes within the company under one roof.

Ultimately, it’s not about reducing complexity. It’s about managing it. As with everything, the focus is on your most important but fragile resource: your people.

We are partners

More efficiency. More planning.
More overview. Thanks to the right tools.

Our Toolset

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Empowerment is not enough.
Only enthusiasm releases potential.

Reduce costs,
increase efficiency
and ensure quality -
but how can this be combined with a healthy corporate culture?

As rapidly as digitalization is changing the corporate landscape, the demands on your team are also changing.

No matter where your challenges lie within the digital transformation:




New Work

2DC offers you individual intensive training and seminars tailored to your needs.

The crux of the matter? The right mindset. Qualifications only form the basis. Only when your employees feel enthusiasm for the matter, mountains can be moved. One thing remains true: your company is only as strong as your employees.

About 2DC

By doers
for doers.

We believe that entrepreneurs need not only advisors, but experienced entrepreneurs at eye level to help them move forward. We come directly from practical experience. We are successful serial founders and have evaluated numerous models. The successes and failures of the past decades have made us who we are: Doers with a view to the future.

Jakob Bergmann
Founder and Managing Partner

“As a serial entrepreneur, I develop talent and innovate teamwork: only with a positive company culture you can achieve maximum performance!”

“I am a serial founder, entrepreneur, investor, advisor and I take companies to the next level of growth in a scalable way: for that, leaders need orientational values!”

Dennis Löwen
Founder and Managing Partner

Dr. Eugen Hertel
Founder and Managing Partner

“As an internationally experienced sales expert and management consultant, I set new standards in customer experience: new markets, empowered employees and optimized business models are the results!”

“My passion? People and companies with purpose. Through collaborations across four continents, I am convinced that when leaders shape change, business flourishes!”

John Reynolds

Dr. C. John Reynolds
Managing Partner


It is impossible to imagine the modern working world without digital technologies because they increase efficiency. The networking of production, trade and consumers is happening at a breathtaking pace. Companies that do not embrace this change will quickly be left behind by the competition. For this reason, you should not rest on past successes! Do you regularly question the status quo of your company? And do you know where you want to move in the long term? A digital transformation provides an opportunity for reflection. And it will put you one step ahead of your competitors. Expert digitalization consultants can support you on your way to a digital business. This way, you can continue to focus on your core business alongside the digital transformation of your company.

As digitalization consultants, we help you implement digital solutions in your company. However, it would be fatal to focus only on technology. A digitalization consultancy puts people at the center of all measures. How can digitalization serve your employees? And not the other way around. We only integrate trends and new developments if they are also the best possible solution for your company. As a digitalization consultant, we are your contact and strategist for digital business issues and for the implementation of new tools, such as Freshdesk or Freshsales.

With expert digitalization consulting, you will optimize your existing business and open up new markets. As digitalization consultants and founders, we have noticed often enough that in a habituative cosmos you rarely have time to look at trends and new developments. With a digital consultancy like 2DC, you get exclusive expertise and field-tested approaches for the digital transformation of your business. With a digitalization consultant, you save a lot of time and nerves: focus on your core business. We analyze your starting position, put together optimization and redesign options, evaluate concepts and prepare an overview of measures. But it doesn’t stop at theory: if you wish, we will also be happy to accompany you during implementation.

The biographies of our 2DC team are all unique. We multiply our wealth of experience for multi-perspective digital consulting. Digital transformation, change management, leadership development: As digitalization consulting, we can therefore support you holistically. In doing so, we not only give you theoretical tips, but also put them into practice together with you, if desired. The goal is to develop and implement a holistic digital strategy that will help your business achieve greater efficiency and growth. Digital change happens not only through the exchange of technology, but also in the minds of people. We take your most valuable asset, your employees, with us on this journey. We advise you at eye level with proven methods that are anything but standard.

At the beginning of the digitization consultancy, we analyze the initial situation with your management. Then the plan for the implementation of the digital measures is defined together. For the success of the digital transformation, it is crucial that all project stakeholders pull together so that change processes take effect. This requires forming creative teams, conscientiously implementing the agreed decisions and at the same time incorporating ideas that arise in practice. With 2DC as a digitalization consultant, your employees actively participate in the process of corporate digitalization. From our experience in digital consulting, we know that change should not simply be “imposed”. Well-executed digital transformation management takes people along at the grassroots level. It promotes a willingness to learn among your employees and cohesion. In the end, you leave the process with a strengthened “we-feeling”. To ensure that this remains the case, we support you with seminars and training courses as part of our 2DC Academy to inspire your colleagues with digital transformation management and are also always at your side with questions about practical implementation.

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